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We Are Only Visiting

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We Are Only Visiting is a compilation of poems, stories, monologues, plays and speeches written by the young and talented Kathryn Carter.

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Beginning with her childhood writing, the book follows Kathryn’s progression in thinking and growing and is illustrated with photos and her artwork. Some pieces were performed or submitted for exams, some were written for fun and some for competitions.

Kathryn only had 20 years to develop her skills but the book will make you laugh, think and perhaps cry. And if you are just beginning your writing journey it may give you some practical ideas and examples of what you can achieve and the fun you can have with language.

Above all We Are Only Visiting will show you the power of words to educate, please and entertain.

This book has 184 pages in full colour. Now available as Hard cover, Paperback and Ebook.

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The Lost Cat
What the Frog Said
Ode to Ties
That’s My Australia
Terrific Teddies
Roller Coasters
An Easter Dream
The Sea
For Grandma
Little Jack Horner?
The Surrealist Painter
One for My Baby and One More for…
There Is Nothing Left to Say
Write Me a Letter

Plays And Monologues
When I’m 64
There Is Nothing Like Company
Infinite Darkness
One Rhyme or Two
No Sugar, Two Lumps
The Food of Survival
Only Blondes Prefer Gentlemen
The Fool
A note from Dangerous Liaisons producer

The Phone
In the Beginning
A Not Surprising Murder
Christmas Puddings
Hidden among the Sunflowers
Testudo Elephantopus
A Touch of Darkness
An Objective Opinion
Two Green Lights
The Ugly Rebel
Silence Tells All
The Scramble for Love
The Feather
Changing Attitudes
Come into My Parlour Said the Spider to the Fly
All a Bit Fishy …

Seeds of Success
At the Cross-Roads
Fool’s Paradise
Against All Odds
The Touch of Midas
Where For Art Thou?
The Rhythm of Life 
If Only They Had Known
Knowing When to Quit
Good Fences Make Good Neighbours
To Win
The Ultimate Insanity
Tall Poppies or Tall Weeds
Tackiness Is Taking Over
We Are Only Visiting


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