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Contract and Commercial Law Review

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Volume 2 Issue 1 available April 2024
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Introducing the Contract and Commercial Law Review
There are three issues per volume. Each issue has approximately 72 pages.

The work brings you scholarly contributions on Contract and Commercial Law from a variety of academic minds seeking to enhance and challenge your knowledge and understanding.

The general editor is the renowned scholar Emeritus Professor J W Carter

Available in Australia and overseas exclusively from J W Carter Publishing Pty Ltd.

The Contract and Commercial Law Review welcomes submissions on all aspects of the law of contract and aspects of commercial law relevant to the law of contract. Style guidelines for the guidance of contributors can be downloaded here.

General Editor
Emeritus Professor J W Carter

Editorial Board
Prof David Campbell (UK)
Prof Wayne Courtney (Singapore)
Dr David Fung (Malaysia)
The Hon Justice Goh Yihan (Singapore)
Prof Ewoud Hondius (The Netherlands)
Emeritus Prof Howard Hunter (USA)
The Hon Justice Mark Leeming (Australia)
Prof John D McCamus (Canada)
Emeritus Prof Elizabeth Macdonald (UK)
Prof David McLauchlan (New Zealand)
Keith Mason (Australia)
The Hon Justice Elisabeth Peden (Australia)
The Hon Justice Andrew Phang (Singapore)
Prof Donald Robertson (Australia)
Prof Greg Tolhurst (Australia)


Issue 3
Review Essay: Two Views of Australian Restitution Law
    John McCamus

When Is It Fair to Break Promises? Illuminating Promissory
Estoppel’s Inequity Requirement
    Marcus Moore

Case and Comment
When Is the Restraint of Trade Doctrine Engaged?
    David Capper

Issue 2
The Importance of Theory and History in Understanding and Developing the Common Law of Contract — Some Preliminary Reflections
    Andrew Phang

Consequential Loss? In a Sense No Loss Is Consequential
    Charles Haward Soper

Case and Comment
Implication of Terms in Informal Contracts
    May Fong Cheong

Pacta Sunt Servanda: The Enforcement of Bargains and the Limitation of Actions
    David A Pittavino and Xavier P Walsh

Issue 1

    The Hon Justice Mark Leeming

Bowmakers Revisited — Independent Causes of Action for Restitution
    J W Carter, Wayne Courtney and Gregory Tolhurst

Bringing Down the Ceiling
    David Campbell

Case and Comment
Kay v Playup — The Case against Textualism
    Nuwan Dias


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