Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law, 4th edition

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Publication date: January 2022
First published in 2006, Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law has an outstanding reputation for the way it expounds the basic principles of Australian contract law in an easy-to-read format.

Suitable for both LLB and business law students, and used by thousands since its first edition, this new edition is now available in full colour, at a very affordable price.

Busy practitioners looking for an up-to-date summary of principles will also find this book invaluable.

Each chapter takes a manageable ‘bite size’ approach to contract law and most can be read in less than an hour. What makes Carter’s Guide so outstanding is its multi-faceted approach to learning. It truly is a ‘course in a box’ with each chapter linked to problems and solutions and sample contracts.

Important Features

  • Case studies on important authorities
  • Hypotheticals to make the difficult cases more accessible and interesting
  • Cases flagged for easy reference to indicate whether they are leading cases or illustrations
  • Commentary to unlock the mysteries of the Australian Consumer Law
  • Over 400 quick quiz questions — with answers! — to test your understanding of each chapter
  • More than 120 problem and research questions with worked solutions for the majority
  • Additional solutions for lecturers who prescribe the book
  • Guide Glossary — a glossary of contract terms and words
  • Sample contracts to see how contracts are put together
  • Contract law trivia — but you need to look for it!

Practical Focus

As contract law is primarily a case law subject the understanding of which is best tested by problem solving, the presence of hypothetical problems and solutions is a boon to both students and teachers. The problems focus on the application of contract law to everyday situations as well as the commercial context. They have been written to entertain as well as instruct.

A very popular feature of Carter’s Guide is ‘The How to Chapter’, which provides helpful hints on how to draft contracts, answer problem questions and how to prepare for and do examinations.

What Makes Carter’s Guide the Best

Carter’s Guide surpasses in quality, coverage, readability and utility all books of this type currently available due to its:

  • very competitive price
  • leading contract author
  • functional perspective, taking a practical approach to contract law
  • simplification of the more difficult cases so that they can be understood without mastering intricate fact situations
  • Australia-wide coverage
  • clear and direct style
  • logical structure and full footnoting
  • comprehensive index

This book has 684 pages in full colour. Available as Paperback. For bulk orders contact

The Author

Emeritus Professor J W Carter taught contract law at the University of Sydney for more than 30 years and was the General Editor of the Journal of Contract Law between 1988 and March 2023. He is now the General Editor of the Contract and Commercial Law Review.

John is more than an academic. For the past 30 years he has been a consultant to the leading international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills. John’s experience in the world of contract law makes Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law a book you can rely on.



Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Guide Glossary

Part A — What Is Contract Law?
1  Introduction

Part B — Is There a Contract?
2  Contract Formation
3  Consideration
4  Uncertainty and Conditional Contracts
5  Intention to Create Legal Relations
6  Pre-contractual Liability

Part C — What Are the Terms of the Contract?
7  Terms Expressly Agreed
8  Terms Impliedly Agreed and Consumer Guarantees
9  Incorporated Terms

Part D — What Do the Terms Mean?
10  Principles of Construction
11  Exclusion Clauses

Part E — Who Can Enforce the Contract?
12  Capacity and Parties
13  Privity of Contract

Part F — Has the Contract Been Performed?
14  Performance of the Contract
15  Breach of Contract

Part G — Has the Contract Been Prematurely Discharged?
16  Bases for Discharge
17  Discharge for Breach of Term
18  Discharge for Repudiation
19  Discharge for Delay
20  Discharge by Frustration
21  Consequences and Scope of Discharge

Part H — Has the Contract Been Rescinded?
22  Bases for Rescission
23  Misleading Conduct
24  Mistake
25  Improper Pressure
26  Unconscionable Conduct, Unjust Contracts and Unfair Terms

Part I — What Remedies Are Available?
27  Damages for Breach of Contract
28  Damages for Misleading Conduct
29  Specific Performance and Injunction
30  Restitution
31  Impact of Discharge on Remedies

Part J — What Defences May Be Raised?
32  Defences in Contract Law
33  Invalid Exercise of Rights
34  Illegality
35  Lack of Writing

Part K — How Do I Do It?
HT  The How To Chapter
SC  Sample Contracts

Part L — Problems and Solutions
QA  Quick Quiz Answers
PQ  Problem Questions
PS  Problem Solutions


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