Carter’s Breach of Contract, 3rd edition

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In the period following Carter’s Breach of Contract, 2nd edition there have been significant decisions, full account of which is taken in this edition. This new edition contains up to date invaluable analysis on this fundamental aspect of contract law. This edition reviews the case law and statutory developments across England, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore with helpful comparisons.



Table of Cases
Table of Statutes

Part I Proof of Breach and Bases for a Right to Terminate
1. Introduction
2. Failure to Perform
3. Bases for a Right to Terminate

Part II Breach of Contractual Terms
4. Types of Contractual Terms
5. Breach of Condition
6. Breach of Terms Other than Conditions

Part III Repudiation and Anticipatory Breach
7. General Principles
8. Refusal to Perform
9. Inability to Perform

Part IV Election
10. Exercise of the Right to Terminate
11. Continuation of Performance and Revival of the Right to Terminate

Part V The Consequences of Termination
12. General Principles and Enforcement of Terms
13. Claims for Damages, Performance and Restitution



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