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Contract and Commercial Law Review

General Editor: J W Carter

VOL 2 Issue 1 available April 2024 RRP A$300 inc. GST

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If you subscribe or renew before 31 March 2024
$275 inc. GST and postage in Australia

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Combined Volume 1 with a Volume 2 subscription
$512 inc. GST and postage in Australia

The work brings you scholarly contributions on Contract and Commercial Law from a variety of academic minds seeking to enhance and challenge your knowledge and understanding.

The general editor is the renowned scholar Emeritus Professor J W Carter.

Available exclusively from J W Carter Publishing Pty Ltd.


Carter’s Breach of Contract, 3rd edition

By J W Carter

Hard cover ISBN 9780645348064

Buckram cloth cover with Gold foil and black ribbon

RRP $297 (inc. GST)
Express Postage in Australia $20

Available exclusively from J W Carter Publishing Pty Ltd.

*This book will be shipped from the 24 April


Contract Law in Australia, 8th edition

By J W Carter

Soft cover ISBN 9780645348040
$220 (inc. GST)

Student discount of 15% on soft cover – enter coupon code: STUDENT23 at checkout.

Hard cover ISBN 9780645348057
$390 (inc. GST)

NEW publisher, NEW look, NEW cases and substantially revised — but the same respected author, Emeritus Professor John Carter.


Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law, 4th edition

ISBN 9780645348002  RRP $99.00 (inc. GST)

First published in 2006, Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law has an outstanding reputation for the way it expounds the basic principles of Australian contract law in an easy-to-read format.

Suitable for both LLB and business law students, and used by thousands since its first edition, this new edition is now available in full colour, at a very affordable price.

Busy practitioners looking for an up-to-date summary of principles will also find this book invaluable.

Watch the book launch held at the State Library of NSW:


We Are Only Visiting

We Are Only Visiting is a compilation of poems, stories, monologues, plays and speeches written by the young and talented Kathryn Carter.

Beginning with her childhood writing, the book follows Kathryn’s progression in thinking and growing and is illustrated with photos and her artwork. Some pieces were performed or submitted for exams, some were written for fun and some for competitions.

Above all We Are Only Visiting will show you the power of words to educate, please and entertain.